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When James Alford was a young boy he had an amazing

eye for old things; whether coins, toys or just “old junk”.

As a young man he started saving the things he thought

one day might be of value … and boy was he


Forty years later … forty years of saving and many

years of doing “road shows” … he had a stunning

collection of treasures but nowhere to show it off.

He had an idea in the back of his mind for a

pawn shop like no one had ever seen.  He

stayed up night after night fine-tuning his

idea and where he would locate his

establishment until it was absolutely


Now James’ Alford’s dream has come true:

Pawn Masters of Mississippi has taken its place

as a premier source of  antiques, collectibles, jewelry and much

more.  You can visit Pawn Masters at 1584 Old Fannin Road,

Brandon, MS or browse our convenient online store.


Pawn Masters of Mississippi started out as a dream of a young boy

who had a love for coins and antiques.

1584 Old Fannin Rd

Brandon,   MS  39047



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